Allentown Diocese Protests Casey Lecture at Alvernia College

The Diocese of Allentown is protesting an Alvernia College lecture by U.S. Senator Bob Casey, noting that he “is increasingly in disagreement with the Church on issues involving Church teaching,” according to a statement issued yesterday.

The Reading Eagle reported that the Catholic college in Reading, Penn., yesterday hosted Casey, who recently “evolved” in support of same-sex marriage, supported Obamacare, voted for federal funding of international abortion organizations, and supports contraception including the abortifacient “morning-after” pill.

Casey gave the inaugural lecture in a new series created in honor of the late state Sen. Michael O’Pake, according to the LinkedIn page of Alvernia’s Ph.D. program. Casey spoke about the importance of compromise and civility.

The Diocese reportedly released a statement, according to the newspaper, which read:

“The Diocese of Allentown was not consulted in advance of Alvernia University’s decision to invite Senator Casey to speak at the school even though the Senator is increasingly in disagreement with the Church on issues involving Church teaching. Bishop Barres’ concerns have been communicated directly to the leadership of the University.

“Alvernia has in turn expressed its commitment to a continued dialog with the Diocese concerning the role of Catholic universities, building on what has been a long-term cooperative relationship between our two organizations.”

Casey’s spokesperson told the newspaper that Casey’s Catholic faith “has always informed and inspired him, but it does not specifically dictate how he votes on matters of public policy as a representative of 12.8 million Pennsylvanians of many faiths.”

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