BREAKING: Cardinal Newman Society Praises Trump Administration’s Actions on Contraception Mandate, Religious Freedom

The Trump administration has amended Obama’s contraception and abortion pill mandate, granting “full protection” to groups that claim a “religious or moral objection” to providing the coverage, and has instructed federal agencies to vigorously protect religious freedom.

Manassas, Virginia – Today the Catholic education think tank The Cardinal Newman Society lauded the Trump administration for taking one more step toward fulfilling its promise to end the ObamaCare contraceptive and abortion pill mandate for those who object for religious or moral reasons, while reminding all federal agencies of the First Amendment’s protections for the free exercise of religion.

“Catholic educators need the First Amendment’s protections not only because they operate religious institutions, but because uncompromised, personal witness to the moral teachings of the Catholic faith is essential to authentic Catholic education. Together with Catholic educators across the country, we are grateful to President Trump for today’s developments and urge that he keep his word to protect religious individuals and institutions from the Obama-era abortifacient drug mandate by achieving a final resolution in the courts,” said Cardinal Newman Society President and Founder Patrick Reilly. “All Americans should embrace religious freedom and conscience rights, no matter what party or belief system they subscribe to.”

“The Obama Administration’s attempt to force morally objectionable employee benefits upon good, faithful Americans was vigorously opposed by The Cardinal Newman Society and the courageous educators at the schools and colleges that we recommend in our Newman Guide and Catholic Education Honor Roll. We’re grateful that this extreme violation of religious freedom may be coming to a happy end.”

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