Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

  • Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

    Warner, NH

  • Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

    Warner, NH

  • Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

    Warner, NH

  • Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

    Warner, NH

  • Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

    Warner, NH




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Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts was founded by Catholic scholars in 1973 in response to the secularization of many Catholic colleges across the U.S. Nestled in the woods atop a scenic New Hampshire mountain, Magdalen offers students a cozy and intimate community, Great Books curriculum, and reverent Catholic spiritual life.

Almost 90 percent of the College’s curriculum is a required core of liberal and fine arts courses, including five Catholic theology courses and four years of the 48-credit Philosophy and Humanities sequence, which is very impressive. Students can major in history, literature, philosophy, or theology. All professors are Catholic, take the Oath of Fidelity, and make the Catholic Profession of Faith. Theology professors have a mandatum from the local bishop.

Magdalen promotes a rich liturgical life and beautiful Masses daily, with a sung Extraordinary Form Mass weekly. Students also have access to Confession daily, men’s and women’s sodalities for prayer, and celebrations of holy days and feasts throughout the year. Each of the residence halls has a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament and is appropriately single-sex, with no opposite-sex visitation to private rooms. There is a nighttime curfew.

Club activities are organized by students, including arts, sports, and local hiking and skiing. The College provides shuttles to a local ski slope where students enjoy low rates and unlimited lift access.

With one of the lowest net prices in The Newman Guide, Magdalen College is a great opportunity for Catholic students who are serious about studying the liberal arts and who seek to know the Faith, love the Faith, and transform the world.

What we really like:

Magdalen College should appeal to students who desire a serious Catholic education and formation, a small community, good friendships, access to professors, space for prayer and study, and splendid New England winters. Magdalen’s curriculum is outstanding. Just the list of readings is impressive and makes us want to return to college.

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511 Kearsarge Mountain Rd
Warner, NH 03278

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Catholic Identity Special Recognition for Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts in The Newman Guide:

  • GOLD: Catholic Trustees

    100% of trustees are Catholic.

  • GOLD: Profession of Faith

    All Catholic faculty and president make the Profession of Faith at least once upon hiring, and all theology faculty have the mandatum.

  • GOLD: Theology and Philosophy

    At least 24 credits of study in Catholic theology and philosophy required for all undergraduates.

  • GOLD: Honors and Speakers

    Has policy prohibiting honors and speaking invitations to those who publicly oppose Catholic moral teaching and ensures that speakers do not call into question Catholic moral teaching.

  • GOLD: Student Residences

    Student residences are single sex, and there is never opposite sex visitation in student residences.

  • GOLD: Catholic Faculty

    100% of faculty is Catholic.

  • GOLD: Catholic Students

    At least 95% of students are Catholic.

  • SILVER: Spiritual Life

    Mass offered most days each week on campus and there are scheduled opportunities each week for Confession & Adoration.

All of the colleges recognized in The Newman Guide are serious about faithful Catholic formation and education, but they are quite different in many important respects. Explore their websites, talk to faculty and admissions counselors, and visit their campuses to determine which is right for you!