Report Card: Georgetown Supports Pro-Abortion Club; Pope Francis Says Teach Sacred Music

Georgetown supports pro-abortion medical students club

Georgetown University has a long history of inviting and/or honoring pro-abortion politicians and academics. Last year, the Jesuit University invited Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards to speak on campus. In previous years, they invited HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and President Barack Obama.

Now, LifeNews reports Georgetown University has a Medical Students for Choice club that not only promotes abortions but also trains students how to perform them.

Pope Francis urges education about sacred music

At a Vatican-sponsored conference on liturgical music, Pope Francis said it has often struggled to live up to the quality and beauty the mystery of the Eucharist requires.

“Certainly the encounter with modernity and the introduction of the languages spoken in the Liturgy stirred up many problems, of languages, forms, and genres,” he said. “Sometimes a certain mediocrity, superficiality and banality prevailed, to the detriment of the beauty and intensity of the liturgical celebrations.” He urged more education among clergy and laity in liturgical music to promote its renewal.

Notre Dame haunted by ghost of commencement past

The Sycamore Trust, an organization devoted to enhancing the Catholic identity of the University of Notre Dame, shares The Cardinal Newman Society’s view that by declining to invite President Trump to deliver this year’s commencement address, University President Father John Jenkins, CSC, has exposed as meaningless his defense of the university’s 2009 invitation to President Obama.

Fr. Jenkins had insisted that the University honored Obama because it was the tradition of the university to honor the sitting U.S. president, not his policies.

“Now Father Jenkins has blown that transparently flimsy cover by bypassing the office because of the new officeholder, President Trump,” reports the Sycamore Trust. “The 2009 scandal of the nation’s most prominent Catholic university honoring the nation’s most prominent abortion advocate is once again thrown into bold relief.”

Neil Joseph, a University of Notre Dame senior, said in a letter to the student newspaper that in choosing Vice President Mike Pence as commencement speaker, the university managed to “slyly avoid” controversy but hasn’t adequately explained why the choice is consistent with its Catholic identity.

“By failing to have a publicly articulated values-driven identity guiding this choice, Notre Dame has failed to be a leader among higher education institutions,” he writes, “which is something we should strive to be and are called on as the premier Catholic university.”

Notre Dame diversity director derides ‘white, male’ Church

Notre Dame’s first director for academic diversity and inclusion, Pamela Young, suggested during a lecture that the university’s efforts to recruit a more diverse staff, faculty and student body are limited by Notre Dame’s Catholic identity.

“We’re a faith-based institution in a faith that is white, male and has a very strong hierarchy,” Young said. “That’s the context for the things that can get done.”

Tell that to the Catholics worldwide: the Africans, Latinos, Asians and more.  Tell it to a certain Jewish carpenter and His mom!

Notre Dame’s ACE alumni protest Trump visit to Catholic school

Alumni of the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) sent a joint letter to the ACE leadership criticizing President Donald Trump’s recent trip to a Catholic school to promote school choice.

“We believe the essential unifying principle of serving the least among us is affronted by much of President Trump’s policy and rhetoric,” the letter states, including “the scapegoating of immigrants, refugees and the economically marginalized in service of a nationalist stance and the targeting of Muslims as enemies of Christianity.”

Catholic high school allows only opposite-sex prom dates, sparking petition

After two petitions were created urging an all-girls Catholic school to allow a student to bring a girl as a prom date, the school’s president has rightly defended the school’s position.

Sister Mary McCarthy, Mercy High School President, responded by saying that Mercy embraces all of its students as children of God. However, “the expectation has been that a Mercy student’s date be male. These limitations are premised both in preserving the spirit of the prom as a safe and enjoyable experience for the students of Mercy, as well as recognizing and adhering to the teachings of the Church.”

Catholic school’s guidelines for prom dresses provoke outrage

A manual issued by a Catholic high school in Illinois, detailing what types of outfits are acceptable for the prom, has prompted anger from “feminists” about one particular caution, which they call “body shaming”: “Claims that a dress was worn at last year’s Prom or at Homecoming will not be discussed. Some girls may wear the same dress but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.”

“That’s what you get for trying to explain modesty to kids in an era when it is all but unknown,” says National Review, which sums it up well.

Catholic high school to include gender-neutral bathrooms

A new Catholic high school under construction in Canada will reportedly include “gender neutral washrooms,” to the delight of the director of the altView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities.

The fear should be that he is right, and that other Catholic schools will ignore Catholic teaching on gender and sex.

Gonzaga professor charges U.S. with ‘plague of religious violence’

At a lecture next week, religious studies professor Patrick McCormick will discuss “American Religious Violence: Examining the Beam in Our National Eye.”

According to the university’s website, McCormick will explore “Why is the most religious and Christian nation in the developed world also the planet’s leading military power, arms merchant, jail keeper and poisoner of creation? What is it about Americans’ belief in nationalism, consumerism and individualism that makes us so willing to sacrifice and scapegoat others in service of these idols, and how can our Christian faith and Catholic theology respond to this plague of religious violence?”

Thousands of Christians are being killed, harassed, and oppressed the world over, but Gonzaga curiously focuses on America’s alleged “plague of religious violence”?

Santa Clara U. reverses student decision, recognizes conservative student group

Last month, the student government of Santa Clara University refused to recognize Turning Points USA, a politically conservative group, as an official student organization. But, according to Inside Higher Ed, the Jesuit university’s administration reversed that decision last week.

In a letter to faculty, Provost Dennis Jacobs said, “I believe that Santa Clara University would be less of a university if we became intellectually intolerant and systematically excluded persons who fundamentally disagreed with the majority.”

Catholic school celebrates LGBT alliances forced by Canadian government

Speakers at the WEShine event, an LGBT celebration held at Holy Names Catholic High School in Canada, shared “coming out” stories and praised the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board for supporting “gay-straight alliances.”

But those student clubs had been steadfastly opposed by the board not long ago, because they raised conflicts with Catholic teaching.  In 2012, the board accepted the groups in compliance with amendments to Ontario’s Education Act.

Diversity sometimes seems very one-sided.

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