EWTN: Vatican Insider Interview, Part 2

In the second segment of an interview with Vatican Insider with Joan Lewis on EWTN Catholic Radio, Newman Society President Patrick Reilly and Joan Lewis discuss the work, outreach and challenges of The Cardinal Newman Society, the experience of attending Newman’s canonization in Rome, and the importance of Newman today.

Reilly explained that after decades of secularization, an exciting renewal in Catholic education is underway, through faithful Catholic institutions and innovative programs such as homeschooling, hybrid schools, and online academies.

Amidst these hopeful times, Reilly said there is still much work to do to help Catholic institutions fully embrace their Catholic identity. Speaking on the importance of Newman, Reilly explained that Newman was very prophetic and warned of a time when the Church would not only have to confront other ideas about God but a total rejection of God altogether, which is where we are today.

“It’s a real challenge, but [Newman] saw it and prepared us for it. I strongly encourage people to read Newman because I think he gives us tools that we can use to address this.”

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