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Policy Standards on Human Sexuality in Catholic Education

Catholic education is committed to the pursuit of truth and promotion of the Gospel. Central to its mission is the integral formation of students’ minds, hearts, and bodies in truth and holiness. A significant challenge toward this end is confusion in the common culture regarding the nature of human sexuality. […]

Policy Standards on Secular Academic Materials and Programs in Catholic Education

Catholic education fulfills a divine mission, to provide for the common good of humanity and the Supreme Good of those being educated.[1] To accomplish this mission, Catholic schools and colleges create authentic, faith-based communities which educate students’ intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, and spiritual gifts within a rich Catholic worldview.[2] Faithful […]

Employers Value the Liberal Arts

Faithful Catholic colleges offer a wide variety of majors, each beginning with an inspiring core curriculum focused on the liberal arts. You’ll study the great works of mankind and come to a fuller understanding of God, creation, philosophy, history and science. You’ll learn the facts and the reasons behind the […]

Catholic University Founded to be ‘Guiding Light’ for Higher Education, Says Provost

“Catholic University was founded to serve the Church and the nation as a comprehensive research university — to be a guiding light for higher education,” says Dr. Aaron Dominguez, provost at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. At Catholic University, which is recommended for its strong Catholic identity […]