Cardinal Newman Society Celebrates 15 Years of The Newman Guide

MANASSAS, VA – On today’s Solemnity of All Saints, The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) celebrates 15 years of The Newman Guide, which recognizes Catholic colleges for their strong fidelity and formation. Every year, more than 75,000 families use The Newman Guide to find a faithful Catholic college, and now CNS will reach more families than ever with a NEW video helping Catholic families navigate their college search.

“Every young adult is called to be a saint,” said Kelly Salomon, director of family and parish programs for The Cardinal Newman Society, who produced the new video and manages the Newman Guide. “We want Catholic families to know and choose great Catholic colleges that not only educate for careers but form students for sainthood.”

“And for me, it’s personal,” she adds. “The Newman Guide helped me find my own Catholic college, and I want others to have the same extraordinary experience.”

The Cardinal Newman Society launched the first edition of The Newman Guide in 2007, after years of decrying infidelity and scandal across much of Catholic higher education. The Guide has become families’ most trusted source of information on Catholic colleges that have stayed true to the Catholic faith while integrating it across the curriculum and campus life.

The late Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, wrote the preface to the first edition of The Newman Guide and said it was the Newman Society’s “most important contribution to Catholic higher education ever.” Newman Guide college leaders today confirm that the guide has been instrumental in their success.

Today, Newman Guide colleges are thriving. While total college enrollment in the U.S. has declined 14 percent since 2012, Newman Guide college enrollment increased more than 10 percent in the same period.

In addition to the Guide, The Cardinal Newman Society sponsors Recruit Me, an opportunity for high school students to get recruited by Newman Guide colleges. Recruit Me subscribers are eligible to participate in an annual essay contest, for which the winner receives a $5,000 scholarship. Also, this year CNS will distribute 60,000 copies of My Future, My Faith, a publication explaining the benefits of a faithful Catholic college.

The Cardinal Newman Society’s new video, based on the content in My Future, My Faith, explains the advantages of faithful Catholic education. It helps families consider academics, residential life, spiritual life, and campus activities from a Catholic perspective.

The Newman Guide’s impact is immeasurable, because one can never truly account for winning souls for Christ. May God continue to bless The Newman Guide and lead many more families to experience the blessing of faithful Catholic education.


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