Timmerie Geagea

Catholic Radio Host Learned How to Tackle Tough Topics at Faithful Catholic College

Given the secularism in our culture and relativism all too evident on college campuses today, Timmerie Geagea knew “hands down” that she wanted to attend an authentic Catholic college. Now, equipped with her faithful Catholic education, Timmerie faces the culture head-on and tackles tough topics from a Catholic perspective on her nationally syndicated radio show.

Timmerie attended John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, Calif., which is recommended in The Newman Guide, where she “fell in love with studying theology” and also had the unique opportunity to “fuse together communications, philosophy and theology.” She credits her faithful Catholic education with helping prepare her for her ministry and for her life, including her marriage to a fellow alumnus.

“Close proximity to the sacraments, my formation in theology, and my education in business and communications equipped me not only for my apostolate but most importantly for a life oriented toward the Cross of Christ,” says Timmerie about her undergraduate years at JPCatholic. “I sharpened my tools of communication, and I learned to appeal to the deepest desires of the human heart — authentic love and, ultimately, God.”

On her radio show, Trending with Timmerie, which is nationally syndicated every Sunday on Relevant Radio and is also downloaded internationally as a podcast, she discusses topics such as gender identity, abortion and pornography. She believes that it’s important to tackle controversial topics, especially those related to human sexuality.

“Society is parched for relationships that express authentic love and ultimately the sacrificial love of Christ,” Timmerie explains. “Our culture and the breakdown of the family doesn’t prepare people for sacrificial love anymore.”

Lamenting that many in the culture are “miserable today,” Timmerie is eager to share why there is reason for hope.

“Catholicism has the healing balm for the festering wounds of the culture that is stuck in sexual ambiguity and promiscuity, as they look for love,” she explains. “This brokenness is just a sign of the need for God the Father in our lives.”

“People need to see that faith makes sense,” she continues. “They need to remember that God transcends all human reality and relationships. By looking to the Cross, we know how to love.”

To find strength for her work, Timmerie strives to stay close to the sacraments, a devotion that was fostered during her undergraduate years at JPCatholic.

During college, Timmerie attended daily Mass, but she wanted even more time with Our Lord. She took the initiative to organize students so that daily Eucharistic Adoration could be put in place. “This devotion to the Eucharist equips me even now, as I am exposed every day to the horrors our culture faces through sexual promiscuity, abortion, the breakdown of the family and the confusion and ambiguity [of] gender ideology,” she explains.

Through the “grace of God” and her “faith,” Timmerie can see the “hope and beauty” that is alive within the “brokenness of the culture.” Timmerie’s faithful Catholic education has equipped her to share that message with a global audience.

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