Campion College

  • Campion College

    Toongabbie East, NSW

  • Campion College

    Toongabbie East, NSW

  • Campion College

    Toongabbie East, NSW

  • Campion College

    Toongabbie East, NSW

  • Campion College

    Toongabbie East, NSW




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Catholic Students

Campion College

Campion College, the only Catholic liberal arts college in Australia, was established in 2006 by lay scholars. Americans are invited for one or more semesters or to complete a full degree.

Campion offers a three-year bachelor’s degree program in the liberal arts according to a February-November calendar, one-year diplomas in the liberal arts or classical languages, and a fourth-year program leading to an “honours” degree. The integrated core curriculum for all students includes four courses each in philosophy and theology. Students may elect a major by taking four electives in a single discipline.

The president and all permanent faculty members make the Profession of Faith, and all theology professors have a mandatum from the local bishop. At least 80 percent of the faculty are Catholic, as are 95 percent of the students. Former Vatican official Cardinal George Pell has taught some courses at Campion in recent years.

Mass is offered daily in both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Form by a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, except for Sunday when students must go to a local parish. Confession is offered on weekdays, and Adoration is offered four days each week.

All student residence halls are appropriately single-sex with no opposite-sex visitation to private rooms. There are clubs and activities centered on the liberal arts and annual events including a soccer tournament and spring ball. Nearby Sydney offers a variety of opportunities.

Adventurous students will relish the opportunity to study in Australia with Campion’s strong curriculum and faithful Catholic identity.

What we really like:

Modeled after Newman Guide colleges in the U.S. but with its own Australian identity, Campion offers a unique overseas experience to American students for just a semester or a full degree. The new honours year is a good option for Americans capping off a U.S. education and preparing for graduate studies.

Visit Campus

Get in touch with Campion College to schedule your campus visit:

+61 2 9896 9300

PO Box 3052
Toongabbie East, NSW 2146, Australia

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Catholic Identity Special Recognition for Campion College in The Newman Guide:

  • GOLD: Profession of Faith

    All Catholic faculty and president make the Profession of Faith at least once upon hiring, and all theology faculty have the mandatum.

  • GOLD: Theology and Philosophy

    At least 24 credits of study in Catholic theology and philosophy required for all undergraduates.

  • GOLD: Honors and Speakers

    Has policy prohibiting honors and speaking invitations to those who publicly oppose Catholic moral teaching and ensures that speakers do not call into question Catholic moral teaching.

  • GOLD: Student Residences

    Student residences are single sex, and there is never opposite sex visitation in student residences.

  • GOLD: Catholic Students

    At least 95% of students are Catholic.

  • SILVER: Catholic Trustees

    At least 85% of trustees are Catholic.

  • SILVER: Spiritual Life

    Mass offered most days each week on campus and there are scheduled opportunities each week for Confession & Adoration.

All of the colleges recognized in The Newman Guide are serious about faithful Catholic formation and education, but they are quite different in many important respects. Explore their websites, talk to faculty and admissions counselors, and visit their campuses to determine which is right for you!