EWTN: Vatican Insider Interview, Part 1

Newman Society President Patrick Reilly was recently hosted on Vatican Insider with Joan Lewis, on EWTN Catholic Radio. During this segment of the interview, they discussed a number of topics, including what inspired Reilly to begin The Cardinal Newman Society and why he chose Cardinal John Henry Newman as a patron for the organization.

Reilly discussed the timeliness of Newman’s canonization, especially in light of the Saint’s lifelong fight against liberalism in religion and the many challenges facing Catholic institutions today.  

Joan commented: “Few colleges today closely resemble his- and this is the title of something he wrote- ‘Idea of a University.’ If anything comes close to Newman’s vision today it would have to be those faithful Catholic colleges recommended in the Newman Guide… These are models for the renewal of Catholic education, largely according to Newman’s vision and their continued effort towards bringing his ideas to fruition are a blessing to the entire Church.”

Listen to the full recording below.

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