How to Make a Good Campus Visit

We cannot overstate the importance of making a thorough campus visit before choosing to attend a college! This visit should include an official tour, during which you can ask the questions that matter to you. Try to also talk to other students and professors off the tour to get their take on various aspects of campus life. If you can, spend at least one night in the dorms on a Friday or Saturday to get a clear idea of the campus environment.

Three key areas to explore:

  • Study the Academics

A solid core curriculum, including strong philosophy and theology courses, is essential to an authentic, well-rounded Catholic education and should prepare you for success in any field. Ask about what courses are included in the core curriculum, what’s required for your major, and try to meet some of your future professors. Ask for examples of graduates who are excelling in their careers.

  • Learn about the Dorms

It’s important to consider the quality of dorm life. You should look for single-sex dorms and dorm policies that either prohibit or greatly reduce opposite-sex visitation in the dorms. Studies have proven that single-sex dorms can help reduce binge drinking and the hook-up culture. Additionally, limiting opposite-sex visitation in the dorms can reduce the rate of sexual assault.

  • Consider Your Faith

College is a crucial time for students to either make the faith their own or lose their faith. Will this campus be a place where you will find friends who will support you in the faith? Check out what attendance is like for Mass on campus, and explore the schedule for Mass, adoration, confession and other spiritual opportunities.

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