Daniel P. Guernsey, Ed.D. Senior Fellow dguernsey@cardinalnewmansociety.org

Dr. Dan Guernsey is a Senior Fellow of the Cardinal Newman Society and serves as a full time associate professor of education. He is a graduate of the Saint Ignatius Institute great books program at the University of San Francisco, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. He holds a Master’s degree in English from U. C. Berkeley, and a Master’s degree in school administration from CSU Fresno. He completed his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) at Eastern Michigan University, specializing in educational leadership. He has over 25 years experience working in Catholic education, nationally and internationally, from kindergarten to graduate school, as a teacher, founding headmaster, consultant, dean, and president. He serves on the board of the National Association of Private and Independent Catholic Schools, NAPCIS. Dan is the author of Adoration, Eucharistic Texts and Prayers Throughout Church History (Ignatius Press).

Denise L. Donohue, Ed.D. Director of K-12 Education Programs ddonohue@cardinalnewmansociety.org

Denise L. Donohue Ed.D. has worked in Catholic education since 1994. She has assisted in the opening of both diocesan and private independent Catholic schools in the states of Texas and Florida and has assisted founders of new schools across the country through her involvement as a board member of the National Association of Private Independent Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS). Denise has worked as a founder, teacher, administrator, and full-time professor and interim department chair in the field of Catholic education. Her dissertation, Components of successful private independent Catholic schools, focuses specifically on founders, start-up procedures, early organizational decisions, and the environment of new private independent Catholic schools. Denise previously worked for 10 years in the field of taxation and accounting before switching to education and specializing in the areas of curriculum development, instruction, and educational leadership. Denise holds a BA in psychology with a minor in management from the University of West Florida, a Masters of Catholic School Leadership (MCSL) from the University of Dallas, and a doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University. She is a certified catechist and holds an Administrators and K-6 Elementary education license from the State of Florida.