Newman Society President Discusses Critical Race Theory, Catholic Education on Crisis Point Podcast

The Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly was recently hosted on the Crisis Point Podcast with Eric Sammons, editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine, to discuss why critical race theory is incompatible with Catholic education.

The 45-minute discussion is a helpful guide for Catholic families, leaders and educators on how to avoid dangerous ideologies in Catholic education and instead embrace the wisdom of Church teaching.

“Whether it’s radical feminism, gender ideology or critical race theory,” public schools are vulnerable to the latest ideologies, because they have no solid foundation for their curriculum and must yield to prevailing social trends, explained Reilly.

“With Catholic education, we need to focus on ‘What is Catholic education? What do we do better and why?’” Reilly continued. “If we want to talk about race in Catholic education, which we absolutely should and must, we already have all of the tools in our belt—a couple thousand years of wisdom rooted in the absolute truth of Revelation.”

The Newman Society has recently published resources addressing the “cancel culture” and critical race theory, authored by Vice President for Educator Resources Dr. Denise Donohue and Education Policy Editor and Senior Fellow Dr. Dan Guernsey. Reilly and Sammons also discussed The Newman Society’s work in general, including The Newman Guide, which recommends faithful Catholic colleges. Sammons described The Newman Guide as a “great resource for Catholics everywhere.”

“As the parent of now four who have either gone to college or are in college right now, I tell you what, it’s a great Guide,” said Sammons. “In our family… our rule is we aren’t going to help financially, unless they’re in The Newman Guide.”

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