We believe the right books will shape a child’s future. Do you?

Words wield tremendous power.

When an author writes, creating a world of characters in his own image and likeness, he unlocks the power of a child’s imagination to explore, discover, learn, and grow.

But what will a child find in that author’s world? Truth, goodness, and beauty? Or confusing messages, shaped by dangerous ideologies?

That all depends on which book we choose for the child.

It’s of eternal importance that we introduce the young, from their earliest years, to the great works of literature.

That’s why The Cardinal Newman Society has created a free resource to help guide parents, librarians, and educators in choosing from among the best books available—books to safeguard children’s purity, shape their imaginations, and form their consciences. 

Let us know where to send your free copy of Guide for the Catholic Reader. We look forward to hearing which books become family or classroom favorites!