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Ep. 5: The Wisdom of Salomon

In this episode, Kelly Salomon shares how choosing a Newman Guide college led to finding her spouse, having a beautiful Catholic family, and a career at The Cardinal Newman Society. Because of her life experience, Salomon is a passionate promoter of The Newman Guide and getting young people to contemplate […]

Ep. 2: Understanding the State of Catholic Education Today: Where It’s Going, Preparing Young People, Signs of Renewal, Embracing the Faith

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Patrick Reilly as he discusses the vision of Catholic Education and where it’s going, how The Cardinal Newman Society and The Newman Guide prepares young people to encounter the culture of the real world, the state of Catholic education, and embracing the […]

Ep. 1: Understanding the State of Catholic Education Today: Challenges, Purpose, and the Mission of The Cardinal Newman Society

In this episode of The Cardinal Newman Society Podcast, Kevin sits down with Patrick Reilly, President and Founder of Cardinal Newman Society, to discuss the state of Catholic education today, how story behind how the Cardinal Newman Society got started, the mission behind it, and the importance of faithful Catholic […]