Holy Apostles College and Seminary

  • Holy Apostles College and Seminary

    Cromwell, CT and Online

  • Holy Apostles College and Seminary

    Cromwell, CT and Online

  • Holy Apostles College and Seminary

    Cromwell, CT and Online

  • Holy Apostles College and Seminary

    Cromwell, CT and Online


(20 on-campus, 135 online)


Catholic Faculty


Catholic Students

Holy Apostles College and Seminary (non-residential, online)

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is a rare institution, bringing together seminarians and consecrated and lay students from around the globe for both religious formation and undergraduate and graduate studies. Sponsored by the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA), lay undergraduates have access to a faithfully Catholic, fully online program as well as a non-residential campus program in Cromwell, Connecticut.

The strong, liberal arts core curriculum includes six theology courses and six philosophy courses for all majors in the liberal arts, theology, philosophy, sacred art, history, and English. Associate’s degrees are also available in theology and liberal arts. All faculty are Catholic, the president and all Catholic faculty make the Profession of Faith, and all theologians have a mandatum from the local bishop. A large majority of undergraduates are Catholic.

Online courses are asynchronous, since students live in many different time zones. Online students do not have the campus formation at most Newman Guide colleges, so they should plan for local options to receive the Sacraments, form Catholic friendships, and engage in activities.

Most lay students take online courses, but for on-campus students there is Mass daily, confession weekly and by appointment, and Eucharistic adoration four days of the week. Holy Apostles does not offer lay student housing nor many student activities.

With its fidelity and thorough liberal arts curriculum, plus tuition at a bargain price, Holy Apostles is an attractive option for many Catholic families.

What we really like:

Holy Apostles stands out among both seminaries and lay colleges for its dedication to forming Catholic leaders for evangelization and its mix of lay Catholics and both men and women religious from a variety of cultures. The College boasts flexible online and campus options, all at an affordable price.

Catholic Identity Special Recognition for Holy Apostles in The Newman Guide:

  • GOLD: Catholic Trustees

    100% of trustees are Catholic.

  • GOLD: Profession of Faith

    All Catholic faculty and president make the Profession of Faith at least once upon hiring, and all theology faculty have the mandatum.

  • GOLD: Theology and Philosophy

    At least 24 credits of study in Catholic theology and philosophy required for all undergraduates.

  • GOLD: Honors and Speakers

    Has policy prohibiting honors and speaking invitations to those who publicly oppose Catholic moral teaching and ensures that speakers do not call into question Catholic moral teaching.

  • GOLD: Spiritual Life

    Mass is offered every day on campus and there are scheduled opportunities at least three times/week for Confession & Adoration.

  • GOLD: Catholic Faculty

    100% of faculty is Catholic.

All of the colleges recognized in The Newman Guide are serious about faithful Catholic formation and education, but they are quite different in many important respects. Explore their websites, talk to faculty and admissions counselors, and visit their campuses to determine which is right for you!