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ITI Catholic University

ITI Catholic University is an ecclesiastical university founded in 1996 at the request of Pope St. John Paul II for graduate theological study. Today a growing undergraduate program offers the opportunity to study in Austria in a restored 12th-century castle.

Students can choose the one-year liberal arts Studium Generale track, three-year bachelor’s program in liberal arts, or five-year track which culminates in a Master of Sacred Theology degree. The English-language core includes 11 theology courses and eight philosophy courses, plus literature, logic, Church history, music, and Latin.

All faculty members are Catholic and make the Profession of Faith every year, and all students are Catholic. All theology professors have a canonical mission, which is similar to the mandatum for pontifical faculties.

Holy Mass and the Byzantine Divine Liturgy are offered daily on campus. Mass in the Extraordinary Form is offered once each week. Confession is scheduled on Wednesdays, and Eucharistic adoration is available every day.

Students include both single and married laypeople, seminarians, priests, and religious. Campus residences are appropriately single-sex with a sensible open-door policy during limited hours of opposite-sex visitation. Two additional buildings house families including some professors. Kitchens are provided in each residence hall, and so there are no meal plans. Students organize campus events including dances and sports competitions, and Vienna and the mountains are both nearby.

At a very low cost with availability for U.S. federal student loans, ITI Catholic University is an attractive, faithful option at the heart of Europe for Catholic students.

What we really like:

ITI Catholic University offers the rare opportunity to earn a Vatican-authorized pontifical degree with primarily English-language instruction. The location, of course, is excellent for an American student wishing to experience Austria and the rest of Europe while receiving a faithful Catholic education with a diverse student body.

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+43 2253 218 08

Schloss Trumau, Schlossgasse 21, 2521 Trumau
Trumau, Austria

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Catholic Identity Special Recognition for ITI Catholic University in The Newman Guide:

  • GOLD: Catholic Trustees

    100% of trustees are Catholic.

  • GOLD: Profession of Faith

    All Catholic faculty and president make the Profession of Faith at least once upon hiring, and all theology faculty have a canonical mission, which is similar to the mandatum for pontifical universities.

  • GOLD: Theology and Philosophy

    At least 24 credits of study in Catholic theology and philosophy required for all undergraduates.

  • GOLD: Honors and Speakers

    Has policy prohibiting honors and speaking invitations to those who publicly oppose Catholic moral teaching and ensures that speakers do not call into question Catholic moral teaching.

  • GOLD: Catholic Faculty

    100% of faculty is Catholic.

  • GOLD: Catholic Students

    At least 95% of students are Catholic.

  • SILVER: Spiritual Life

    Mass offered most days each week on campus and there are scheduled opportunities each week for Confession & Adoration.

  • SILVER: Student Residences

    Student residences are single sex, and doors must remain open during limited opposite sex visitation in student residences.

All of the colleges recognized in The Newman Guide are serious about faithful Catholic formation and education, but they are quite different in many important respects. Explore their websites, talk to faculty and admissions counselors, and visit their campuses to determine which is right for you!