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The Call to Lead: Church Guidance for Catholic Educational Leaders

The Call to Lead Church Guidance for Catholic Educational Leaders Denise L. Donohue, Ed.D., and Daniel P. Guernsey, Ed.D.   About The Call to Lead The original version of The Call to Lead was co-written in 2018 by Dr. Denise Donohue, vice president for educator resources and evaluation at The […]

Guide for the Catholic Reader: Selected Reading List, Rubric, and Rationale for Catholic Education

      Guide for the Catholic Reader Selected Reading List, Rubric, and Rationale for Catholic Education Denise L. Donohue, Ed.D., and Daniel P. Guernsey, Ed.D.    Preface This guide is designed especially for Catholic education broadly—including parents, diocesan and school leaders, teachers, librarians, homeschool curriculum publishers, and textbook publishers—and […]

Gender Confusion in Australia’s Catholic Schools

In September, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference released “Created and Loved: A Guide for Catholic Schools on Identity and Gender.” While the document has thoughtful and salient points regarding gender identity, it also recommends that Catholic schools use the preferred names and pronouns of children suffering from gender dysphoria, providing “flexibility […]

Catholic Student Policies Protect Students, Educators

In faithful Catholic education, we don’t just teach skills, facts, and figures. We strive for “integral Christian formation,” helping students know, love, and serve God in this life and enjoy eternity with Him in the next. Our student policies, therefore, should promote virtue and holiness. The formation in Catholic education […]

Handling the Tough Cases: Admissions Policies for Nontraditional Families

Almost half of U.S. Catholics want the Church to recognize same-sex unions, according to the Pew Research Center. A majority support administering the Eucharist to cohabiting couples and divorced/remarried Catholics without an annulment. These views differ sharply with the Church’s clear teaching on marriage, and we see similar confusion and […]

Policy Standards on Formation of the Human Person in Catholic School and College Sports

Everything in a Catholic educational institution must serve its mission of seeking and teaching truth, the sanctification of its students, and service to society. The primary means of advancing this mission is the academic program, which has pride of place and first claim to resources in the life of the institution. The delivery of the academic program takes place within a rich Catholic environment and is inspired by a Catholic worldview. However, co-curricular and extracurricular programs also are important to students’ formation and also must take place within this same rich Catholic environment and worldview. This is particularly true of sports which, in Catholic educational institutions, are an effective means to provide for the well-being of man and to give glory and praise to the Creator.[1]