What Makes Catholic School Libraries Different?

Adapted from Literature, Library, and Media Guide for Catholic Educators By Denise Donohue Ed.D. and Dan Guernsey Ed.D.   As Catholic education’s mission is different, a Catholic school library is also different since all elements within an institution—including its library—should adhere to its mission. Catholic school libraries don’t have to […]

Classic Literature Rises Above Agendas, Ideology

  If education is the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another as G.K. Chesterton once said, then literature is the substance nourishing or corrupting that soul. With this sublime view, it’s no wonder literature now sits in the crosshairs of today’s culture wars as […]

Three Guiding Principles in Choosing Literature

  It is clear, the cancel culture is bent on canceling the good, the true, and the beautiful. The latest area they seek to override is literature. Classic literature, which has been used in education for generations, is now deemed racist or sexist and needing to be replaced by more […]

Suggested Standards of Christian Anthropology to Address Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Catholic Education

Teachers working in Catholic education can use these Standards for Christian Anthropology along with The Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Curriculum Standards to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusivity from a Catholic worldview. These standards help students see themselves and each other through God’s eyes and will allow them to […]

Suggested Catholic Curriculum Standards to Address Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Catholic Education

Teachers working in Catholic education can use these standards taken from The Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Curriculum Standards to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusivity from a Catholic worldview. These Standards help educators go deeper into a discussion of how God works throughout all time and space and how […]

10 Ways Catholic Education and Critical Race Theory Are Incompatible

Today America continues to struggle with the consequences of the terrible sin of slavery and the injustice of racism. With confidence in Christ, Catholic education teaches God’s will for humanity and helps students rise above hatred and injustice. But critical race theory promotes a false political ideology that aims to […]

10 Ways Catholic Education Counters ‘Cancel Culture’

Catholic education is different: its mission is rooted in the truth and salvific mission of the Catholic Church, and it forms young people for sainthood. When addressing sensitive topics—like race or sexuality—Catholic education must never shy away from the truth about man and God. Truth is the foundation of charity […]

Catholic Education’s Call in the Face of ‘Cancel Culture’

In the present moment, much of the popular culture is taken up with concerns about race, gender, and equity. Unfortunately, fruitful dialogue on these important topics has been complicated by radical race and gender ideologies[1] and a “cancel culture” which has sprung up in their presence. These ideologies are fueled […]

Analysis of the Habits of Mind Program

The following is part of The Cardinal Newman Society’s series of analyses of secular materials and programs used in Catholic education. Such materials and programs must be carefully evaluated to ensure that their underlying philosophies, content, approaches, and activities are not contrary to the mission of Catholic education and, if […]

Background on Critical Race Theory and Critical Theory for Catholic Educators

Catholic education offers a truthful and morally sound framework for considering issues of race, human dignity, and social justice, yet cultural norms, historical developments, commonplace and novel assumptions, and associated passions all have some influence over Catholic education—sometimes for the good, but often distorting and even contradicting sound Catholic teaching. […]

Secular Resources Can Be Dangerous to Catholic Education

There are many popular academic programs and resources available to Catholic educators, but most are secular, designed primarily for public schools. Does “secular” mean that they are unsuitable for Catholics? So long as the content does not oppose Catholic teaching, it may seem appropriate to use secular materials and programs. […]

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Catholic Curriculum Standards: Faithful to the Core

When Jill Annable began her role as assistant superintendent in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, the staff was working on rewriting its curriculum standards for all subject areas and all grades, to try to integrate Catholic identity across all content areas. Educators who have worked on school standards know that […]

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Procedure and Checklist for the Evaluation and Use of Secular Materials and Programs in Catholic Education

Policy Standards on Literature and the Arts in Catholic Education

Catholic education seeks to “bring human wisdom into an encounter with divine wisdom,”[1] cultivate “in students the intellectual, creative, and aesthetic faculties of the human person,” introduce a cultural heritage, and prepare them for professional life and to take on the responsibilities and duties of society and the Church.[2] Literature […]

Policy Standards on Secular Academic Materials and Programs in Catholic Education

Catholic education fulfills a divine mission, to provide for the common good of humanity and the Supreme Good of those being educated.[1] To accomplish this mission, Catholic schools and colleges create authentic, faith-based communities which educate students’ intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, and spiritual gifts within a rich Catholic worldview.[2] Faithful […]