Mission and Governance

The Bishop’s Role in Discerning Catholic Identity

A bishop’s oversight of Catholic education within his diocese—including schools, home schools, and colleges—is indispensable. His support and encouragement are also invaluable. That’s the experience of President Stephen Minnis, who has led an exciting renewal of faithful education and formation over the last two decades at Benedictine College in Atchison, […]

Father, Shepherd, and Teacher

by Most Rev. Thomas A. Daly The seasonal return to the sound of school bells ringing signals that another academic year is underway. This is a sound that stirs any number of feelings – joy, excitement, even a small bit of dread. But it’s the undeniable herald calling Catholic educators […]

Priests Are Needed in Faithful Catholic Education

by Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas It seems that most priests either do not know or fail to comprehend the critical importance of Catholic schools in the life of the Church, particularly as a vehicle of the new evangelization. At a bishops’ meeting nearly a decade ago, Archbishop George Lucas and […]

Case Study I (North Carolina); Transforming a Parish School

“Don’t give up on your parish schools. Schools are great challenges, but don’t be afraid to make the hard decisions,” urges Father Lucas Rossi, who serves as pastor of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and School in Gastonia, N.C. “It’s worth it to go through the difficult times,” Fr. Rossi continues. […]

The Rise of Independent Catholic Education

Independent Catholic education[1]—Catholic, because its schools are committed to Catholic fidelity and formation, yet independent, because they are not owned by a Catholic religious order or diocese—has scarcely caught the attention and admiration of the Church it serves. But for those Catholic families who have benefitted from it, this growing […]

Newman Guide Education Is So Much More

Today in secular public education, there is a “back to basics” movement among exacerbated parents seeking to protect their children from harmful ideological cultural forces in education. But the answer is not as simple as “just” teaching reading, writing, and math. There is ultimately no “neutral education.” There is only […]

The Cardinal Newman Society Through the Years

Since 1993, The Cardinal Newman Society has led the growing movement for renewal of faithful Catholic education. These are just some of the highlights of the last 30 years.   1993 Founding of CNS Inspired by Saint John Paul II’s apostolic constitution, Ex corde Ecclesiae, Patrick Reilly and fellow alumni […]

CNS Launches Newman Guide Recognition for Schools, Graduate Programs

What could be more exciting than The Newman Guide? More Newman Guide! The first edition of The Newman Guide was published in 2007, and I used it to find a faithful Catholic college where I had an amazing experience and even met my future husband. By helping Catholic families find […]

The Future of Faithful Catholic Education

Not long before the launch of The Cardinal Newman Society in 1993, an elderly priest advised me to stop trying to rescue Catholic education. “You’re chasing the horses 20 years after the barn doors were opened,” he said. I suppose he had reason for doubt. In the span of just […]

The Call to Lead: Church Guidance for Catholic Educational Leaders

The Call to Lead Church Guidance for Catholic Educational Leaders Denise L. Donohue, Ed.D., and Daniel P. Guernsey, Ed.D.   About The Call to Lead The original version of The Call to Lead was co-written in 2018 by Dr. Denise Donohue, vice president for educator resources and evaluation at The […]

Catholic Student Policies Protect Students, Educators

In faithful Catholic education, we don’t just teach skills, facts, and figures. We strive for “integral Christian formation,” helping students know, love, and serve God in this life and enjoy eternity with Him in the next. Our student policies, therefore, should promote virtue and holiness. The formation in Catholic education […]

Five Defenses for Catholic Education

You’re going to court—it’s almost inevitable. Hopefully, your Catholic school or college has done all it can to protect itself from legal threats. It has adopted clear and consistent policies and employment resources, explaining its devotion and obligations to your Catholic mission. It’s done its best to avoid misunderstandings and […]

Understanding the Ministerial Exception

Will the ministerial exception help protect your Catholic school or college? Short answer: It depends on you. Ever since the Supreme Court’s rulings in Hosanna-Tabor (2012) and Our Lady of Guadalupe School (2020), the term “ministerial exception” has become common parlance for Catholic educators. But there is much about the […]

Policy Standards on Mission, Philosophy, and Faith Statements

In Catholic education, an organization’s mission and philosophical understanding of God, creation, man, morality, and the role of education are the conceptual framework for its decision-making. Mission, philosophy, and faith (belief) statements provide clarity of operations, help avoid disputes and litigation, and strengthen an institution’s ability to defend its mission […]

Using the Principles of Catholic identity to Hit NSBEC Standards

  Using the Principles of Catholic identity to Hit NSBEC Standards from The Cardinal Newman Society on Vimeo.