Mission and Governance

Understanding the Ministerial Exception

Will the ministerial exception help protect your Catholic school or college? Short answer: It depends on you. Ever since the Supreme Court’s rulings in Hosanna-Tabor (2012) and Our Lady of Guadalupe School (2020), the term “ministerial exception” has become common parlance for Catholic educators. But there is much about the […]

Policy Standards on Mission, Philosophy, and Faith Statements

In Catholic education, an organization’s mission and philosophical understanding of God, creation, man, morality, and the role of education are the conceptual framework for its decision-making. Mission, philosophy, and faith (belief) statements provide clarity of operations, help avoid disputes and litigation, and strengthen an institution’s ability to defend its mission […]

Using the Principles of Catholic identity to Hit NSBEC Standards

  Using the Principles of Catholic identity to Hit NSBEC Standards from The Cardinal Newman Society on Vimeo.

Investment Strategies in Catholic Education Should Seek More than Profits

Promoting Employee Faithfulness in the Face of Increasing Employment Regulation and an Increasingly Hostile Culture

Evangelizing Families Through Catholic School Admissions

Don Bosco, one of the Church’s greatest educator saints, welcomed Turin’s poor and delinquent boys to his Oratorio—but only if they committed to receiving Catholic formation and refraining from behavior that would scandalize other students. Although he was eager to bring the Catholic faith to boys on the peripheries, Bosco […]

Crafting Mission-Centered Parent-School Agreements

Parents are the primary educators of their children, even when entrusting them to Catholic schools. This has implications for school communications with parents, but it also means that parents should be in full agreement with the evangelizing mission of a Catholic school before enrolling a student. It is best when […]

Handling the Tough Cases: Admissions Policies for Nontraditional Families

Almost half of U.S. Catholics want the Church to recognize same-sex unions, according to the Pew Research Center. A majority support administering the Eucharist to cohabiting couples and divorced/remarried Catholics without an annulment. These views differ sharply with the Church’s clear teaching on marriage, and we see similar confusion and […]

Newman Society Urges Supreme Court to Apply Ministerial Exception to Religious Colleges

On Thursday, The Cardinal Newman Society, which promotes and defends faithful Catholic education, with the International Alliance for Christian Education and the Association for Biblical Higher Education, urged the United States Supreme Court to overturn a Massachusetts high court ruling that would severely restrict the ministerial exception for religious higher […]

Archdiocese of Indianapolis Fights for the Right to Have Faithful Employees

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis has been fighting several battles for the protection of Catholic education, and last month’s federal court victory was an especially exciting step forward. A federal district court in Indiana ruled that the Archdiocese and its Roncalli Catholic High School have the First Amendment right to uphold moral standards […]

Putting an End to Catholic Commencement Controversies

Spring is here, with pomp and circumstance. It is also the season of controversies over the choice of commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients at America’s Catholic colleges. Will the annual conflicts ever end? Perhaps there is a way. And it would be none too soon. More than a decade […]

The Biden Administration Poses New Threats to Catholic Education

In just the first months of the Biden administration, Catholic educators have been confronted by serious threats to their freedom to teach and witness to the Catholic faith. We knew the storm was coming. Over the last four years, schools and colleges enjoyed a brief respite before the anticipated return […]

New Threats to Religious Freedom Under Biden Administration

The Cardinal Newman Society hosted a webinar on February 17, 2021, for diocesan and Catholic education leaders, in which Eric Kniffen, legal counsel to the Newman Society and a former attorney for the Becket Fund and the U.S. Department of Justice, assessed early and proposed actions of the Biden administration […]

Working with Nontraditional Families in Catholic Schools

As evangelical educational communities, Catholic schools not only teach academic subjects but also help their members on the road to personal holiness and sanctity in all areas of their lives, with a special concern for those areas most in need of healing and growth in each individual’s situation. With their […]