Mission and Governance

Assessing Catholic Identity: A Handbook for Catholic College and University Leaders

Contents: Assessing Catholic Identity Institutional IdentityMission Statement, Governing Documents & StatutesPolicies, Programs & CommitmentsRelationship with Diocesan BishopCooperation Leadership & AdministrationBoard of TrusteesAdministration and Non-Faculty Employees Faculty & AcademicsFacultyCurriculumTheologyResearch Students & Campus LifePastoral MinistryStudent Life Assessing Catholic Identity It is important that Catholic colleges and universities develop means of assessing their […]

Protecting Catholic Colleges from External Threats to Their Religious Liberty

Federal and state laws are increasingly being used to coerce religious institutions into actions and commitments that violate deeply held religious convictions and moral principles.  Some of these laws require employee and student health insurance that covers contraception, and mandate employee benefits for same sex couples. Catholic colleges and universities […]

How to Keep Your University Catholic

Dedication: To Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R. President Emeritus, Franciscan University of Steubenville:Who has shown that it can be done. Table of Contents Foreword“Stewards of a Heritage, Bearers of Hope”by Rev. Msgr. Stuart Swetland, S.T.D.Preface to the Third PrintingPreface to the First PrintingAuthor’s NoteChapter 1: A Case StudyChapter 2: The BishopChapter […]

Crafting Employee Health Plans for Catholic Institutions

In the last few years, the Catholic Church and its Catholic institutions have faced attacks through legislation and judicial activism, which are increasingly coming in the form of mandates for health insurance “benefits” that support immoral behavior but not medical necessities. The most recent instances in the news include the […]

Contraceptive Mandates and Immoral Cooperation

As the largest provider of nongovernmental, nonprofit health care in the United States, Catholic health care is susceptible to being viewed as just another secular institution engaged in the welfare of the larger society, and at its behest. Those who wish to deny the ministerial nature of Catholic health care […]

Implications of Mandatory Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives for Catholic Colleges and Universities

You have asked us to describe some of the current issues surrounding conscientious objections to the funding of contraceptives through employee and student health insurance benefit plans. In particular, you have asked us to describe the general considerations confronting Catholic institutions that seek to comply with their understanding of their […]

Ex corde Ecclesiae: Echoes of Newman’s The Idea of a University

Having taught courses in the philosophy of education in two of the largest Catholic universities of the country for twenty years, I have more than a passing interest in the field. When the invitation came to consider presenting a paper to a conference sponsored by The Cardinal Newman Society to […]

Considering Catholic Honors and Platforms

There appears to be a growing consensus among American Catholics about the impropriety of Catholic honors and platforms for public opponents of Catholic teaching. Drawing from the example and statements of several American bishops and the Vatican, the following reflections are intended as an aide to bishops, Catholic institutions and other […]

The Enduring Nature of the Catholic University

Commemorating the Anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s Address to Catholic Educators on April 17, 2008 A collection of essays on the renewal of Catholic higher education by Most Rev. David Ricken, Msgr. Stuart Swetland, Rev. J. Augustine DiNoia, Rev. Joseph Koterski, Rev. David O’Connell, and Dr. John Hittinger with a […]

Newman on Education

In 1863, sixty-two-year-old John Henry Newman wrote, “from first to last, education … has been my line.”  His career at Oxford had begun with his election in 1822 to a fellowship at Oriel College, “at that time the object of ambition of all rising men in Oxford.”  After that he […]

Behaviors and Beliefs of Current and Recent Students at U.S. Catholic Colleges

This analysis is based on a national survey of current and former undergraduate students at Roman Catholic colleges and universities in the United States, conducted by QEV Analytics for The Cardinal Newman Society.  In total, 506 respondents participated: 251 current students and 255 recent graduates or attendees under 30 years […]

Reflections on Pope Benedict XVI’s Address to Catholic Educators

This special publication of The Center for the Study of Catholic Higher Education is issued in the wake of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States.  It is designedto provide reflections on his historic April 17, 2008 meeting with Catholic college presidents and diocesan education officials. Contents: Truth and […]

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Higher Education

Commentaries in Advance of the Holy Father’s April 2008 Address to Catholic College Presidents This special publication of The Center for the Study of Catholic Higher Education is issued in anticipation of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States.  It is designed to provide some context for his historic […]

Are Catholic Colleges Leading Students Astray?

Even while many Catholic colleges in the United States are making exciting progress in their efforts to renew Catholic higher education, the challenges faced by reformers just keep growing worse. Research data from the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA confirms the failure of many Catholic colleges to tend to […]

Newman’s Idea of a University: Still Relevant to Catholic Higher Education

John Henry Newman, writing in England in the mid-nineteenth century, proposed a vision of Catholic higher education that takes account of major difficulties that were prevalent in his day and are no less prevalent in ours. Although his proposals are for the most part framed in positive terms, I shall […]